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Project Background

For this project, I was tasked with optimizing the messaging experience for Housecall Pro, a SaaS company for home service professionals. 


Product Design Intern


Product Manager, Senior Software Engineer, Product Design Manager


4 months


The Process...



Hi-Fi Mockups

Step 1 Research 🔎

To gather feedback on the current users' experience with the messaging feature, me and my product manager decided to conduct usability tests to identify user pain points. 

Research Process

  • I conducted 3 usability tests over Zoom

  • I wrote a script with questions and tasks to administer the usability tests 

  • My Product Manager and I then took the feedback to narrow down MVP(most viable product) features and presented the findings to stakeholders



User Issues

  • Difficulty finding conversations

  • Unable to preview an image before sending 

  • Unable to organize their conversations


Feature Changes ✅

  • Add a search bar to find conversations

  • Image populating a text box before sending

  • Ability to pin conversations


Step 2 Wireframes 〰️

Now that I had user feedback and got approval on the features from stakeholders, it was now time to create wireframes(low-fidelity designs).

After drawing inspiration from our competitors, I created wireframes to present to my product manager for approval.


  • Utilize atomic design process

  • Have the user interface be consistent with other experiences within the software


After making iterations from the suggestions of other product designers and a senior software engineer, I presented my wireframes to my product manager.

My Product Manager approved and I began making hi-fi mockup designs.

Step 3 Hi-Fi Mockups 〰️

I designed high-fidelity mockups based on original wireframes to demo search and preview image features (proposed features from research).


  • Utilize atomic design process

  • Have the user experience be consistent with other experiences within the software


New Macbook Pro Mockup Front View.png

Product manager approved. Search and Preview Image features effectively communicated to stakeholders and senior product members. The designs were ready for handoff to software engineers.

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