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Housecall Pro | Chat Features 

1 Research
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As a Product Design intern, I wrote a script to conduct interviews based on criteria and research goals agreed upon by the design team and myself. To recruit more users, I created a survey that also gathered some quantitative data. I ended up being able to get feedback from 3 home service professionals. 



  • Find frustrations/pain points in chat experience for users

  • Propose new features based on findings from usability interview



After being able to retrieve qualitative data, I recommended features based on collective user pain points. Users wanted to be able to find older conversations and be able to preview images before sending them, so I presented to my product team the features I would pursue building.




  • Utilize qualitative data and translate recommended features into wireframes.

  • Implement feedback from Senior Designers and Product Directors.



  • Label “anatomy” of designs to communicate search and preview image features to design and engineering teams.

  • Have User Experience be consistent with other experiences within the software.



Designs approved by Product Manager, moved to building hi-fi prototypes for new features to preview images before sending, pin conversations, and a search bar to find customers and conversations.

Designing Hi-Fi Mockups



  • Develop high-fidelity mockups based on original wireframes to demo search and preview image features (proposed features from research).

  • Utilize assets made by Housecall Pro.

  • Design for both desktop and mobile interfaces.


Final Results:

Product manager approved. Search and Preview Image features effectively communicated to stakeholders and senior product members. 

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